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In Association With

Charity of Choice:
American India Foundation

Founded in 2001 at the initiative of President Bill Clinton, AIF has impacted the lives of 5.6 million of Southeast Asia’s poor by providing access to high-quality education, formal sector employment for urban youth and rickshaw drivers, and public health services to protect the health of mothers and their children. All while building the next generation of global leaders through service.

Success Stories

Vision: Sarthak

Sarthak was born premature, the size of a fist, in a small village in the beautiful country of Nepal. Miraculously, he survived! However, that's when the journey of struggle began for his parents as they found out that he was both, deaf and dumb due to a congenital defect. Sarthak’s parents were determined to give him a life in which at least his hearing is restored so that he can be self-sufficient. Sarthak did require an urgent surgery, wherein, cochlear implants can be a promising treatment modality to restore his hearing. Unfortunately, the cost was high at $11,000 and time was of the essence.

That's when Ayesha Khanna, along with 180 Elevate, put this message across to close family and friends through a Go fund me. "On the other side of the world, as I get ready to celebrate my 16th birthday, I want to do something meaningful and purposeful on this milestone occasion. I want to give this sweet little boy “the gift of hearing”. Ayesha raised around $2900 and the rest was donated by Radhika Kapoor's family. Sarthak got the surgery done in March 2020, which was a success and is now undergoing therapy. He's improving his hearing and speaking everyday.